Veterinary Services

Northridge Veterinary Clinic and Rehabilitation is a full-service veterinary clinic providing high-quality care to pets.

Veterinary Services In Wichita, KS

Our goal is to make sure your pets receive the right preventative care, treatment, rehabilitation, and more for a lifetime of health and happiness.

Vet treating dog with acupuncture

Pet Acupuncture

Dog Walking through Wheels for pet

Pet Customized Therapy

A person brushing a dog's teeth

Pet Dentistry

Veterinarian checking dog's x-ray

Pet Digital Radiography

A person petting a dog

Pet Endoscopy

A Pharmacy Counter

In-House & Online Pharmacies

vets in surgery

Pet In-House Laboratory Services

checking dog

Pet Laser Therapy

Identifying microchip implant of dog

Pet Microchipping

vet in surgery room

Pet Orthopedic Surgery

Woman Petting Her Dog

Pet PennHIP and OFA Testing

A veterinarian holding a cat

Pet Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Dog Getting a Flea and Tick Repellant Drip

Pet Preventative Care

Vet giving rehab therapy to dog

Pet Rehabilitation

vet in surgery room

Pet Soft Tissue Surgery

A dog having ultrasound

Pet Ultrasound

A veterinarian holding a dog

Pet Vaccinations