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Patellar Luxation

Many toys or small breed dogs have a genetic predisposition to patellar luxations due to a congenitally shallow trochlear groove. A luxating patella is a kneecap that moves out of its normal location. Dogs may limp on and off with this condition depending on if the kneecap is in the correct position at that specific point in time. Some dogs can tolerate this condition for many years; however, patellar luxation predisposes the knee to other injuries. Many times surgical correction is required.

Here at Northridge, we offer several different options for realignment surgery for the correction of a luxating patella. 

  1. The patellar ligament is transplanted to its proper location.
  2. The groove in the femur is deepened so that patella will stay in place.
  3. The capsule around the joint is tightened due to the fact that when the patella luxates, the joint capsule stretches.

Another option we offer to correct patellar luxation is called RidgeStop. A RidgeStop can be used as a stand-alone procedure or in conjunction with a realignment surgery. This surgery consists of applying a special implant (a prosthetic ridge called RidgeStop) onto the side of the groove where the kneecap was dislocating. This works as a way to make sure that the kneecap slides up and down while remaining in its proper groove. 

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