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Doggie Playcare

When dogs are happy, you can see it on their faces. Just like people, dogs are social creatures and need social interaction and exercise. Daycare (we like to call it, "Playcare") is a great way to reintroduce activities back into your dog's routine. Under supervised care, dogs are free to chase balls, play in the sprinkler and even take an afternoon nap!

Whether you're just needing to run errands for half the day or you need a sitter while you are at work, playcare is a great alternative to leaving your pet at home all day. And, with our large indoor and outdoor play areas, we can keep playcare open rain or shine. So, just drop in and receive your first day FREE!

Still have questions? We love giving tours of our facility. Call us at (316) 677-8107. We'd love to show you around.
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Current vaccination requirements include:
1-year or 3-year rabies vaccine, 1-year DA2PP vaccine, 1-year Leptospirosis, 6 month Bordetella vaccine, 1-year Canine Influenza, 6 month negative fecal check
and 1-year negative heartworm test.